Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is a Field Inspector and are Field Inspectors Needed?

For those of you that do not know…there is a Society of Field Inspectors in the United States earning a great living as Independent Field Inspectors.  They come from all walks of life and include the one man show who services his/her local area, to the large Field Inspection Firms such as PMIS (Property Management Inspection Services), Fast Times or BIIG INSPECTIONS that provideservices to multiple cities and states.  

The jobs/assignments are endless and independent field inspectors are in high demand as the United States braces itself for yet another wave of foreclosures. Foreclosures generate a “Wealth” of assignments for field inspectors as federal law requires these foreclosed properties to be inspected frequently. Property preservation inspections include: occupancy verification inspections, REO Inspections, foreclosure inspections, BPO inspections, Collateral inspections, Drive by Inspections, Move in Inspections, Exit Inspections, Periodic Inspections, Maintenance verification inspections and insurance inspections are just some of the type of inspections performed by certified field inspectors each and every day.
A Field Inspector is an individual who has received specialized training or Certification and is hired to provide visuals inspections of real estate i.e. residential rental property inspections, (BOP) Bank Owned Properties,(REO) Real Estate Owned properties, as well as perform inspections for investors, landlords, tenants, banks, and insurance companies. Field Inspectors also perform collateral inspections that might involve inspecting heavy equipment or even recreational vehicles.
The main responsibility of Field Inspectors is to document with photos and comments the condition of property or collateral for the person or companies they represent, such as Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers, Banks, Mortgage Companies and other lending institute.

VISIT to learn more about the exciting industry know as property preservaion and Field Inspecting.  NAARPI has the worlds largest on line Property Preservation University, Field Inspection and Proerty Preservation Training center.

Opportunity for Field Inspectors and the types of Inspections:

Periodic & Maintenance Verification Inspections
1. Inspections for Landlords, Investors, Tenants and Property Managers.

a. Pre- Agreement Inspections: Designed to protect all parties including the property manager. The Pre-Agreement Inspection starts the documentation process and leaves no doubt in anyone's mind as to the actual condition of the property at the time of inspection and the management agreement is signed.

The prevent litigation caused by misunderstandings 

b. Initial or Move-In Inspection: Designed to replace the Walk-Through Checklist. It provides both the tenant and the property manager with documented proof as to the condition of the property as documented through the trained eyes of a certified NAARPI Field Inspector. 

c. Periodic Inspections: Are used to chronicle and document the maintenance habits of the tenants. Designed to prevent illegal activities such as Grow Houses and Meth labs and reduce the need for costly maintenance by identifying minor issues before they become major issues.
Prevents Illegal Activities & Insurance Cancelation 

d. Transitional or Exit Inspections: Are used to document the condition of the property at the time the leasing agreement is terminated or when the owner and property manager decide to terminate their contract.

e. Drive By Inspections: NAARPI Certified Field Inspectors document the condition of the exterior of the property and verifies that it is still occupied.

f. Monthly, Quarterly and Bi Annual inspections of Residential Rental Properties.

2. Collateral Inspections:

Leasing companies depend on Certified Inspectors to confirm the location of their leased equipment, which requires onsite inspections to not only verify that the equipment is where it is supposed to be but to verify serial numbers, condition and that preventive maintenance is being performed.  Leased equipment could include just about anything you can imagine from vending machine located in office buildings to generators, portable office buildings, heavy earth moving equipment and even airplanes.  

3. Commercial Inspections

 Certified Inspector are hired by insurance companies to perform detailed inspection on business properties, such as restaurants,  strip malls, retail stores, warehouses and apartment buildings. Inspectors are provide with a checklist that outlines what is required to be inspected, this normally will include any equipment that was leased with the building.

4. Construction Progress Inspections:

Builders get loans from banks or investment companies for construction projects, these monies are paid in set amounts and are to be used to complete the various stages of the building project.  The lender(s) hire Certified Field Inspectors to verify that the work is actually being done as well as on the progress; a checklist is provided by the lenders to the field inspector and these inspection normally include several photographs of the building site.

Home Condition Inspections or (BPO or Broker Price Opinion)

During or After a property is foreclosed, the lender is required by law to verify the condition of the property regularly.  Field inspectors are often used by Brokers to determine occupancy and damages, the Broker is responsible for rendering a Price Opinion base on comparables.

Insurance Inspections

Before writing a new policy on a home or building, insurance companies require the assistance of field inspectors to document the condition, documenting the current condition and looking for safety related hazards.  Inspectors might also be called upon to verify the square footage of the property. 

Occupancy Inspections

An occupancy inspection is requested by a mortgage company to verify that the person who borrowed the money is really living on the property and has not abandoned or rented it out . Most residential mortgages for owner-occupied homes contain a clause requiring the borrower to live in the home at least a year, and some stipulate that the property may not be rented.

If you are considering becoming a Field Inspector you owe it to yourself to visit to learn more, there are also several good books on this subject.  You will also want to learn more about FEMA and HUD inspections.  Good Luck and much success as you Drive for Dollars.

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