Sunday, December 9, 2012

Property Preservation and Winterization + De-winterization and Re-Winterization

There are several articles on the world web with regards to this subject…but not one actually provides a thorough explanation on how to actually accomplish both wet and dry winterizations.  As well, most of the writings about property winterization have nothing at all to do with Property Preservations as performed by the Field Inspector.

I found ebook at NAARPI pronounced NAR – Pee or the North American Association of Real Property Inspectors, I ordered the book because it claimed to be a Step by Step Guide.  Much to my surprise it was, they have provided me with a great training aid, it also came with an inspection template that was build using Microsoft Word that I use to document all of the winterization jobs I perform.  Many of my clients prefer the NAARPI International Documentation process over what they had me doing and have switch to this method as well. 
I also order another book on line called 2012 Property Preservation Specialist Reference Manual which also contained a section on winterization.  I appreciate the work both of these companies have done to provide products and information with regards to property preservation and field inspections. 

Winterization is a very important part of the property preservation, and it carries a lot of liabilities. This part of the REO/BPO industry is where I make the bulk of annual income and having a training guide to assist me in training my helpers is very important to me. 

Again I would like to thank both NAARPI International and GRP for creating worthwhile products. 
NAARPI’s Guide to Winterizations was $19.99 and came with the inspection template and can be found at
GRP’s 2012 PPSRM was $39.00 + Shipping and Handling and can be found at Amazon